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Holy crap, the day of our theatrical premiere is here at last!  I did a tech check at the Angelika this morning and came away happy with the projection, especially given that they’re not used to digital projection.  The manager couldn’t have been nicer – treated me to a double cappucino and moved the blow-up of our humongous Sunday NY Times article outside right next to the box office window.

It’s not like I’m hardened to all this, but we have a group of eager young people in our office here, and they’re super excited about the upcoming weekend.  And everyone’s thrilled with the incredible coverage and many great reviews we’ve gotten. A. O. Scott in the New York Times calls The Kids “remarkable” and gives it a Critics’ Pick, as does New York Magazine. Eric Hynes in the Village Voice calls it “nakedly personal” and “profoundly universal,” and Andrew O’Hehir in says it’s a “powerful, wrenching movie” (not to worry, he also called it “funny” and “irresistible”).

As to a few critics who feel I’m full of myself, well, it comes with the territory when you make personal documentaries.  It’s an issue I’m eager to address at a later time, since there’s a lot of validity in the accusation and it’s worthy of a longer and more thoughtful response.

But today, most of all, we’re all curious about what you’ll say about it yourself. If you’re in the NYC area and thinking about seeing The Kids, I’d urge you to do it this weekend.  Our weekend box office numbers will impact the entire theatrical run, especially in terms of the number of cities we’ll get booked in.  If you’re not from around here, keep checking in to our Screenings page and see if it will soon be playing at a theater somwhat near you.  If not, you can always bug your local theater owner about it – they might just listen.

And now, our premiere party preparations continue! We hope we’ll see you at the theaters soon.

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