Independent films, and especially personal docs like THE KIDS GROW UP, always face an uphill battle for attention, bookings and box office.  That’s why we’re very much depending on you — whether fan, friend or first-time visitor– to support us in our distribution efforts.   Here are some ways you can help spread the word and fill the seats:

Follow @thekidsgrowup on Twitter, and tweet about film opening in your town. If you’re in NYC, @thekidsgrowup is opening @AngelikaFilmCen on October 29th. Stay tuned for more cities and theaters!

Become a fan of THE KIDS GROW UP on Facebook, and mention the film in your Facebook status.  Please link back to The Kids Grow Up website and trailer, as well.

Newsletters and blogs:
Do you have your own newsletter or a blog? Please let others know about THE KIDS GROW UP, and, again, be sure to link back to our website. Do you know of a newsletter or blog that should know about THE KIDS GROW UP?  Please contact them on our behalf, or else let us know!

Do you have a favorite art house movie theater in your area?  If you want to see THE KIDS GROW UP in a theater near you, please notify our distributor, Ken Eisen of Shadow Distribution:

Educational Screenings:
If you’re interested in screening THE KIDS at your school, click here for more information

If you have any other questions or need more information about spreading the word, please contact

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