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Tuesday, April 6

In a few days, the fun begins. The film gets out in front of audiences again.

Full Frame, Sarasota, Stranger Than Fiction and Hot Docs, for starters.

It’s been a quite a while since IDFA, we’ve been laying low.  But a lot is happening behind the scenes and hopefully we can share the news soon.   All I can say at this point is The Kids Grow Up will almost certainly have a theatrical release, probably beginning in the early fall.  So stay tuned.

But now it’s time to get out on the festival circuit at last.  On Thursday, Lori and I head down to the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, NC, and it’s going to be a great three days.   Like at IDFA, we come not just to screen The Kids Grow Up but as producers of The Edge of Dreaming, which is part of the New Docs competition.  And I’ll be on the Grand Jury, which means the festival flies me down and puts me up in the lap of luxury!

On Friday, Marjorie arrives to once again take part in our Q&A.  Meanwhile, we get to see a slew of great friends and colleagues, not to mention take in some world class documentaries.  Apart from the 18 I’ve already had the pleasure to pre-screen for my jury duty, that is.

The following weekend is the Sarasota Film Festival, where we had such a great experience with 51 Birch Street.   Then on April 20, we have a one-time showing at one of the great documentary screening series around, Stranger Than Fiction, here in New York City.   Finally, we head back to one of my favorite film cities, Toronto, for Hot Docs, which is North America’s largest documentary festival.

I’m so looking forward to showing my film, meeting with audiences and sharing my family story with them.  It’s always a great interaction,  one that I get so much out of.   Then there’s the  online discussion component, coming here soon, which will allow everyone the chance to share their own family stories around parenting, kids growing up and empty nest issues.

So, this is just the beginning.  Here we come.

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