Modern Media Man – A Look Back

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Our country is apparently suffering a serious shortage of modern media men.  There couldn’t have been more than 75 people attending this first national gathering of men-folk bloggers, almost all of whom, like me, were flown down to be speakers.  While seriously depressing for the M3 organizers, not to mention the dozen or so sponsors sitting all alone at their booths, it was a bonanza for Yours Truly.  Just a fantastic opportunity to network and bond with some top dad bloggers and organizations, swap stories and tap into what will inevitably become a growing social force (even if it currently lags far behind the “mommy blogger” movement).

And, I might add, to personally get dozens of dvd screeners of The Kids into some very eager hands.

I tried not to harp so much on how they might help me, though obviously I’d like them to get word out to their readers or membership, at the very least.  I prefered to emphasize the ways The Kids Grow Up might be of use to them, as well.

For national organizations like The Fatherhood Initiative, for instance, the fit for their mission is obvious. They’re looking to foster more positive images of caring and involved fathers in the media.  Check.

For the bloggers, it’s any number of things: giving them some new and interesting content to share with their readers, making them feel like they’re a vital part of our DIY online marketing effort (which they absolutely are), and giving them first dibs at a film that speaks to their own experiences as dads.  Triple check.

Like I’ve said before, when you’re trying to get a movie out into the commercial marketplace on a very limited budget (which includes virtually no money for print ads), you need to enlist some passionate advocates with the widest platform to chat it up.  On my desk now are 30 business cards from those I gave screeners to and who seemed genuinely excited about seeing The Kids Grow Up and helping out in whatever way they can.

Promotion aside, I wish I could say I came away from the M3 Summit with profound new insights about social networking, brand building or the changing role of fathers, though all of that was discussed at length.

I did come away knowing there are some truly dedicated dads out there who are equally determined to share their experiences of fatherhood publicly.  As well as feeling like I made some genuine connections and friendships that will carry well beyond my efforts to get this one film out into the world.

Mission more than accomplished.

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Modern Media Man Summit – Day 1

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9:50 EST – Ok, I give Cal Ripken credit.  Expected he’d just roll in, do a 15-minute shtick, collect his substantial fee and beat it.  But he spent almost an hour giving a talk by the indoor pool, telling baseball stories with leadership themes, answering questions, posing for photos and signing autographs (the dire warnings apparently didn’t come from him).  Can’t say he said anything particularly memorable but it was a living example of his impressive ironman work ethic.  Couldn’t bring myself to hand him a dvd, though I had my chance.  It just felt too cheesy.

Afterwards, talked to a few bloggers over drinks and chicken wings.  They seemed genuinely excited by The Kids, eager to see it.  These guys want to shoot an interview tomorrow.  Another is pushing a book driven by his popular blog and is clearly knowlegable about how to drive sales online.  Collected a handful of business cards, now flavored with medium hot sauce.

I came in with pretty moderate expectations but this could be a very fruitful few days.


6:21pm EST – On the flight down to Atlanta I try to push out of my mind the dozens of outreach emails I need to crank out and try to focus on the task at hand. 

The main one, of course, is I have a film about daddyhood that I want every last daddy blogger here to know — and blog — about.  For that I’ve lugged the usual assortment of screeners, postcards and business cards, and actually given some thought to what I’ll say on my Saturday panel.  Hopefully I can muster a dollop of personal charm, as well. 

Since I want every last daddy (and mommy and son and daughter) to know about The Kids, too, I’m eager to sharpen my social networking skill set.  The M3 website promises that I’ll learn all sorts of cutting edge tips and strategies for “harnessing the excitement and electricity of the Internet’s latest buzz” to build my brand. 

Happy days, because my brand sure needs building.  I mean, is this my brand?  Or is this?

But beyond all the Self-Promotion 2.0 stuff, I really do have a larger goal.  And that’s simply to get beyond any preconceptions about what the M3 Summit is and be open to what can happen when a bunch of thoughtful men who share their day-to-day experiences of fatherhood online get together in one place for a few days.  I’m not just eager for a social media revitalization.  I need to get my manhood mojo rising.

On that note, I’m about to head off to the opening night party featuring baseball great Cal Ripken, Jr.  We’ve been warned ahead of time not to ask Cal for autographs, not to take photos or to record him in any way, shape or form (all cell phones are to be confiscated at the door).  Dire consequences are in store for anyone who disobeys.

But nobody said nuthin’ about giving him a dvd screener.  Hmmm…

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Starting Tomorrow, Call Me Mister Modern Media Man

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When you have a movie opening soon in theaters that’s essentially a documentary about your daughter (ok, it’s a lot more, but still) and you have little money to market it, you better get pretty damned creative with your marketing.  And you better get your sorry ass in gear and start blogging, too.

That’s why I’ll be in Atlanta for the next 3 days at a noteworthy event called the Modern Media Man Summit.  Saturday morning I’ll be speaking on a panel called “Over-Sharing: When it comes to your family, how much is too much?”  It’s meant for bloggers but could there possibly be a more apropos topic for someone who makes personal docs about his family (not to mention, his teenage daughter!)?

If nothing else, the Summit should bring up lots of food for thought.  How are men experiencing fatherhood these days?  How are they writing about it?  Will the “daddy blogger” movement ever grow to anywhere near the level of “mommy bloggers“?  Where oh where is the male Dooce?

I’m bringing along my adorable new notebook laptop, will take it all in like a sponge and hopefully be a bloggin’ and twitterin’ fool.  So check back often, I’ll be updating my posts throughout the event.

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